Find the Leak

There are several different methods to find leaks. From toilet dye to meter checks to phone apps, there are many ways to find and fix leaks!

  • Ask your water company if they have information on how to find and fix leaks, and click on the resources tab for helpful information.
  • Check all outdoor hoses, connectors, and spigots regularly. Repair leaks as necessary.
  • Check faucets and pipes for leaks. Repair or re- place as necessary.
  • Put food coloring in the toilet tank. If, without flush- ing, the color appears in the bowl, there is a leak. Adjust or replace the flush valve and flapper as necessary.
  • Check your water meter and bill to track water us- age. If usage increases substantially, check for leaks and/or adjust the irrigation system.
  • Click on the “resources” tab for apps, videos, links and publications about finding and fixing leaks.

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More Tips on finding leaks.

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More Tips on repairing leaks.